tooth colored fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings In My Area, San Diego CA

Tooth colored fillings, refer to dental filling materials made from composite or plastic, which are designed to match the color of your teeth. They provide you with a discreet way to repair damaged or decayed teeth, since tooth colored fillings blend with the teeth’ natural appearance and surrounding structure. 

This means that tooth-colored fillings are personalized dental restorations that are tailored to not only repair your damaged or decayed teeth, but also match the color of existing natural teeth. Your dentist may recommend composite resin fillings for the following reasons:

  • As a treatment for cavities. 
  • To restore fractured or chipped front and back teeth where aesthetics is a concern since they maintain the natural appearance of your teeth.
  • To restore your beautiful smile and allow you to smile with confidence, since the filling material blends seamlessly with the surrounding teeth and is virtually unnoticeable
  • To maximize the strength of a repaired tooth by minimizing the amount of healthy tooth structure removed during the filling process. 
  • To maximize the longevity of the restored tooth, since the material is resistant to expansion and contraction. This reduces the risk of fractures compared to metal fillings 
  • To help you achieve a whiter smile, since tooth colored fillings are not at risk of discoloration, especially when considering tooth whitening in the near future 

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Tooth-colored fillings can help restore the full function of your mouth and improve your smile. Our dentist can offer you custom-shaded fillings that will match the color of your surrounding teeth. Our experienced dentist will take you through the details of everything involved in the tooth colored fillings procedure. With this, we can help restore the natural appearance of your teeth. 

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